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NOTE: I am away hunting till Friday. Will check emails when able.

5th July 2022

One Forster Co-Ax in stock – preorder for next shipment

Federal GM210M (100) in stock.

Lapua brass in .223, 308, 284, 6.5 Cree, 6mm BR, 243 and 6.5 x 47, 300 Norma Mag just listed. 

More 284 WIN Lapua Brass just leaving the USA – preorder

Peterson Brass listed in stock. New 300 PRC

V4 Autotrickler and A&D300 scale in stock.

Run outs on 9mm Starline Brass and Xtrem projectiles

Latest estimated stock arrivals:

Sierra, Nosler: Aug

Lyman, Frankford Arsenal – this month

Backorders:  I will take them but on the understanding that I will need a deposit and there will be no guarantee of ETA or confirmation of final price until the stock is delivered to me (due freight charges).

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