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23rd May 2022

Lapua brass in .223, 308, 284, 6.5 Cree, 6mm BR, 243 and 6.5 x 47 due next month – email for pre-order

V4 Autotrickler arriving next month. A&D300 scale in stock.

Forster Co-Ax here this week

Run outs on 9mm Starline Brass and Xtrem projectiles

Latest estimated stock arrivals:

Limited Berger, Nosler, Sierra – May

Lyman – May then June

How ever much I want help every one  of my clients out, backorders have proven to be far too difficult to manage.  From  now on I will take backorders from competition shooters, big ticket items (presses, tricklers etc) and my regular clients only.   Apologies in advance.  Why? well I have stuff sitting here from Aug 21 still to be collected and the total global situation means everyone is after everything all the time and honestly it has just become too hard. I hope it changes back to the way it was pre covid but that won’t be anytime soon .


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