Here are some of the questions our customers often ask.  We are happy to answer your questions by telephone but please check the questions below first, incase the answer to your question is here.

Do we have a certain item in stock?
We normally hold all advertised items in stock at our warehouse in N.Z.  From time to time, due to supply constraints we will show an item is out of stock.

What happens if I buy an item that is out of stock?
Our automated system will not let you buy an item that is out of stock.  In less than 0.3% of cases, the system may be incorrect and shows an item as in stock, when in reality it is sold out. In this case we would  contact you and either refund you immediately, or supply that item at your discretion.

Do you keep my credit card details?
No, we do not hold any records of credit card details.  All our card transactions are made on the ANZ Banks site.  During the checkout phase you are transferred seamlessly to the ANZ site for the card transaction before returning  seamlessly to our site at the end of the process.

When I try and use my credit card, the system asks for another password. I have not seen that before, why is that?
We use ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘Mastercard SecureCode’.  This gives an additional level of security when shopping online by adding a password known only to you.This helps ensure that only you can use your Visa card or Master card at our store. This password transaction occurs during checkout while on the ANZ Bank site and protects both you and us from fraudulent use. If your bank has signed you up to this without you realising it, you will need to contact them to retrieve the password. You may not have seen this before because not all online retailers use this service but we believe it has good benefits for us both.

Do you charge more to ship to a rural address within NZ?
Yes we may. Our shipping charges are uniform throughout NZ. Adding an RD code to your address will make our job and the couriers easier. If your shipping charge at checkout does not cover you actual courier cost we will email you for an additional charge.

Can we ship gunpowder within NZ?
We cannot ship gunpowder because it is a highly dangerous goods and NZ Post and standard couriers cannot accept it for cartage. It would be uneconomic to ship it using an approved carrier.

Can we ship components for cartridges Internationally?
We have NZ Government approvel to ship brass and projectiles to customers in Australia.  
If required, international customers need to arrange their own permits and pay any tax due on arriving shipments. We can arrange permits to export to certain countries on a case by case basis.

Do we ship dangerous goods internationally? 
No, we do not ship any hazerdous material or dangerous goods internationally.

I want to place an order, but the shipping seems high?
If you have any questions about our shipping charges please contact us.  Our system does have some limitations, particularly for orders with multiple items and the computer does not always get it right.  We are happy to look at options, before you place your order, to see if we can help reduce shipping charges where appropriate.

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