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Ballistol Universal VarioFlex Spray

Whether for craft, home or hobby, whether for care, protection, cleaning or lubrication, whether at home, at work or on the road – Ballistol universal oil is the right oil for 1,000 cases and more.

It is used as rust protection, lubricating oil, care and cleaning agent and has been shining for more than 115 years with many excellent properties. In the course of continuously developing and improving products, we have literally thought “around the corner”. The innovative VarioFlex has a flexible spray hose that can be bent individually to reach every hidden corner.

The VarioFlex spray head offers you many advantages:


It has never been easier to switch from area jet (spray) to point jet (stream). With a short handle you fold the capillary tube downwards and an even spray pattern covers surfaces with universal oil. Just as quickly the spray head is switched to spot spray to set individual spots.


The capillary tube became a capillary tube with memory effect. You simply bend the hose and you can reach remote corners and angles.


The large release surface facilitates dosing, even when wearing gloves. Accurate to the point, as much as necessary and still the proven Ballistol effect. A little helps a lot.

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