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The Forster Headspace Gauge is designed to ensure accurate testing of chamber headspace. Headspace is the distance between the face of the breech and the base of the cartridge when the action is closed. Safety  and accuracy are threatened when excessive headspace exists.

For best results with bolt action rifles, remove the extractor from the bolt. The bolt must work freely in the receiver. It is impossible to have the proper feel for a gauge if the bolt is too tight or sticky.

Insert the proper gauge into the action. Attempt to close the bolt on the gauge. CAUTION – NEVER FORCE THE BOLT CLOSED on a gauge. A rifle with correct headspace should close easily and without feel on the GO Gauge, but should not close on the FIELD gauge. If it does close on the NO-GO gauge, but not on the FIELD gauge, the rifle may still be serviceable. However, it is not advisable to use it for best accuracy with factory ammunition.


There are 3 lengths of headspace gauges available per caliber:, GO, NO-GO & FIELD.
This item is for sets of gauges.  In most cases a set consists of 3 gauges as per above, however in five calibers (250 Savage, 378 Wby, 416 Wby, 460 Wby & 7.62×54 Russian) there are only 2 gauges manufactured, NO-GO & FIELD. One set (6.5 SKAN) has two gauges, GO & NO-GO.

The products in the drop down menu below are complete sets of gauges.

GO length – This checks the rifle to see that the chamber will accept the cartridges made to SAAMI specifications.

NO-GO length – This is used by most gunsmiths as a maximum headspace gauge when chambering a rifle’s headspace dimension. If a rifle closes on a NO-GO gauge, it may have excessive headspace. If a rifle closes on a NO-GO gauge, it may still be within the SAAMI Rifle Chamber tolerance. Next it should be checked with a FIELD gauge.

FIELD length – If a rifle closes on a FIELD length gauge, its chamber is dangerously close to. or longer than, SAAMI’s specified maximum chamber size.  This is the longest of the three gauge lengths.

Please select the caliber of the set you require from the drop down menu below and then select ‘Add to Cart’.


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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 20.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 cm

219 Donaldson Wasp (BG3030G), 219 Zipper (BG3030G), 22 Rimfire (HG22RIMG, HG22RIMN, HG22RIMF), 22 Savage Hi Power (GB3030G), 22-250 (HG2225F), 22-250 (HG2225G), 22-250 (HG2225N), 22-284 (HG0284G), 22/6m PPC (HG0PPCG), 22/6mm PPC (HG0PPCF), 22/6mm PPC (HG0PPCN), 220 Swift (HG0220G), 222 Rem (HG0222G) (HG222N) (HG222F), 222 Rem Mag (HG222MG,), 223 Rem (HG0223F), 223 Rem (HG0223G), 223 Rem (HG0223N), 243/260/308 Win (HG0243F), 243/260/308 Win (HG0243G), 243/260/308 Win (HG0243N), 244/6mm (HG0224F), 244/6mm (HG0244G), 244/6mm (HG224N), 25-06 (HG3006G), 25-284 (HG0284G), 25-35 WCF (BG3030G), 250 Savage (HG0250F) (HG0250N), 257 Roberts (HG0257G) (HG0257N) (HG0257F), 257 STW (BG300MG), 257 Wby (BG300MG), 264 Win (BG300MG), 270 Wby (BG300MG), 270 Win (HG3006G), 270-284 (HG0284G), 275 H&H (BG300MG), 280 Rem (HG0280F), 280 Rem (HG0280G), 280 Rem (HG280N), 284 Win (HG0248G), 284 Win (HG0284F), 284 Win (HG0284N), 30 Herrett (BG3030G), 30-06 (HG3006F), 30-06 (HG3006G), 30-06 (HG3006N), 30-284 (HG0284G), 30-30 (BG3030G) (BG3030N) (BG3030F), 30-338 Win Mag (BG300MG), 30-378 Wby (BGWBYG), 30-40 (BG3040G), 300 H&H (BG300MG), 300 Wby (BG300MG), 300 Win Mag (BG300MF), 300 Win Mag (BG300MG), 300 Win Mag (BG300MN), 303 British (BG303F), 303 British (BG303G), 303 British (BG303N), 303 Savage (BG3030G), 307 Win (BG3030G), 308 Norma Mag (BG300MG), 32 Win Sp ((BG3030G), 32-40 (BG3030G), 338 Federal (HG0243G), 338 Win Mag (BG300MG), 338-06 (HG3006G), 340 Wby (BG300MG), 35 Whelan (HG3006G), 35-284 (HG0284G), 350 Rem Mag (BG300MG), 356 Win (BG3030), 358 STA (BG300MG), 358 Win (HG0243G), 375 H&H (BG300MG), 375 Win (BG3030G), 378 Wby (BGWBYG), 38-55 WCF (BG3030G), 416 Rem (BG300MG), 416 Wby (BGWBYG), 458 Win Mag (BG300MG), 460 Wby (BGWBYG), 5.56 NATO MAX & MIN Gauges, 6.5 Creedmoor (HG65CRF), 6.5 Creedmoor (HG65CRG), 6.5 Creedmoor (HG65CRN), 6.5 Rem Mag (BG300MG), 6.5 SKAN (HGSKANG), 6.5 STW (BG300MG), 6.5-06 (HG3006G), 6.5-284 (HG0284G), 6.5×257 Roberts (HG0257G) (HG0257N) (HG0257F), 6.5×55 Swede (HG6555G), 6mm PPC (HG0PPCG), 6mm Rem 244 (HG0244F), 6mm Rem 244 (HG0244G), 6mm Rem 244 (HG0244N), 6mm-284 (HG0284G), 6×45 (HG0223G), 6×47 (HG222MG), 7-30 Waters (BG3030G), 7.62×54 Russian (BG762RN) (BG762RF), 7mm Rem Mag (BG300MG), 7mm Wby Mag (BG300MG), 7mm-08 (HG0243G, HG0243N, HG0243F), 7mm-Int. R (BG3030G), 7×57 (7mm Mauser) (HG0257G) (HG0257N) (HG0257F), 8mm Rem Mag (BG300MG), 8mm-06 (HG3006G), 8×57 (8mm Mauser) 19 deg (HG8X57G) (HG8X57N) (HG8X57F)

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