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Wilson Case Trimmer – Stainless Steel Micrometer


Forster Collet – for Case Trimmers

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Wilson Case Holder


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  • For Use with Wilson Case Trimmer
  • Holds the Case for Trimming, Reaming & Deburring
  • Case Holders for New (Or After Full Length Re-size) or Fired Cases
  • Can be Held by Hand or with Case Holder Clamp (sold separately)

Please select the required case holder from the drop down menu below, then select ‘Add to Cart’ before proceeding to checkout.
Further information on which case holder you may require can be obtained from the Wilson Cross Reference chart

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 8.0 × 4.0 × 4.0 cm

17 Hornady Hornet (CH-17HH), 17 Hornady Hornet New Cases (NCH-17HH), 17/222/223 Rem (CH223Rem), 204 Ruger/20 Tactical Fired Cases (CH-204R), 204 Ruger/20 Tactical New Cases (NCH-204R), 22 Hornet (CH-22HOR), 22-250 Ackley Improved (CH-2250A), 22-250/250 Sav/6mm Int (CH-2250), 220 Swift/220 WArr/9.3x64N (CH-220SW), 222 Rem Mag / 6×47 (CH-222RM), 223 Ackley Improved (CH-223ACK), 243/244/280/6mm Ackley Improved (CH-243ACK), 243/308/358/260 Rem/7mm-08 New Case (NCH-308W), 243/308/358Win/260 Rem/7mm-08 Fired Case (CH-308WIN), 25-06/30-06/270 Win/280 Rem/35 Wel (CH-3006), 257/270/300/7/375/340 Wby Mag (CH-257WBM), 264/300 WinMag/338/358/7/8/RemMag New Case (NCH-264WN), 264/300/338 WinMag/308/358/7/8 RemMag FiredCase (CH-264WNM), 284 WIN (CH-284W), 30 M-1 Carbine (CH-CARB), 30-06 Ackley Improved (CH), 30-30 New Cases (NCH-3030), 30-30 Fired Cases (CH-3030), 300 AAC Blackout (CH-3ACC), 300 Norma Mag (CH-300NM), 300 Ultra (CH-ULTRA), 303 British (CH-303B), 338 Lapua (CH-338LA), 338 Norma Mag Fired Cases (CH-338NM), 338 Norma Mag New Cases (NCH-338NM), 375 H&H Mag (CH-375HH), 375 Ruger (CH-375RUG), 45-70 Fired Cases (CH-4570), 45-70 New Cases (NCH-4570), 6.5 Creedmoor Fired Cases (CH-65CRE), 6.5 Creedmoor New Cases (NCH-65CRE), 6.5 Grendel Fired Cases (CH-65GRN), 6.5 Grendel New Cases (NCH-65GRN), 6.5 PRC (CH-PRC), 6.5×55/7.62 Belg Mauser (CH-6555), 6.8mm Rem SPC – Fired Cases (CH-68SPC), 6.8mm Rem SPC – New Cases (NCH-SPC), 6mm/244 Rem/257 Rbts/7mm Mau (CH-257R), 6mm/6.5-284 Win (CH-284W), 6mm/6.5X47 Lapua Fired Cases (CH-X47L), 6mm/6.5×47 Lapua New Cases (NCH-X47L), 7.5×55 Swiss (CH-7555), 7.62 Russian (CH-762R), 7.62×39 (CH-76239), 7mm TCU (CH-7TCU), 8mm Mauser/8×57 (CH-8MAUS), BR Fired Cases – All BR Calibers (CH-BR), BR New Cases – All BR Calibers (NCH-BR), PPC Fired Cases – 20, 22, & 6mm (CH-PPC), PPC New Cases – 20, 22 & 6mm (NCH-PPC), PRC Fired Cases – All PRC Calibres (CH-PRC), RSAUM Fired Cases (CH-RSAUM), RSAUM New Cases (NCH-RSAUM), WSM Fired Cases – All WSM Calibers (CH-WSM), WSM New Cases – All WSM Calibers) NCH-WSM

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