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Hornady Sure-Loc Die Lock Ring – 6 Pack


Lee Pistol Decapper

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Lee Die – Spare Parts


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  • Lee Die Spare parts
  • Repair Damaged Dies
  • Large Range of Spares (and growing)!

Price indicated is a nominal mid level amount.  Some parts will be cheaper and others more expensive.  Please open the drop down menu below to confirm price for the part you require.

Image shows a small range of die parts & accessories.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 6.0 × 6.0 cm
Spare Parts

90022 EZ X Exp/decapper .223, NS1760 Collet Sleeve .204 Ruger, NS1913 Collet 260 Rem, NS2566 Body 7 Mag, NS2577 Body 2.383 Short, NS2578 Body 3.073, NS2579 Cap, NS2581 Collet Sleeve 22-250 Rem, NS2585 Collet Sleeve .223 Rem, NS2586 Collet Sleeve .243 Win, NS2589 Collet Sleeve .270 Win, NS2591 Collet Sleeve 7mm-08 Rem, NS2595 Collet Sleeve .308 Win, NS2597 Collet Sleeve 7mm Rem Mag, NS2602 Collet .223 Rem, NS2603 Collet 22-250 Rem, NS2604 Collet .243, NS2605 Collet 6mm, NS2606 Collet 25/06, NS2608 Collet 270 Win, NS2609 Collet 7×57, NS2610 Collet 7mm-08 Rem, NS2614 Collet 308 Win, NS2615 Collet 8×57, NS2616 Collet 7mm Rem Mag, NS2618 Collet 300 Win Mag, NS2620 Decap Mandrel .222 Short, NS2622 Decap Mandrel .241, NS2623 Decap Mandrel .255, NS2625 Decap Mandrel .275, NS2626 Decap Mandrel .282, NS2627 Decap Mandrel .3055, NS2631 Decap Mandrel .3205, NS2850 Collet .204 Ruger, NS2909 Decap Mandrel .170, NS2910 Collet .17 Rem, NS2988 Decap Mandrel .204 Ruger, NS3596 Collet 7.5/284, NS3598 Collet Sleeve .300 WSM, NS3604 Collet.300 WSM, NS3841 Collet Sleeve 300 AAC, SB1148 Seating Plug 30M1, SB1318 Seating Plug 44 Mag, SB1386 Seating Plug .17 Rem, SB1999 Seating Plug 30 Cal, SB2154 Adjust SC.Rifle/PIS, SB2155 O-Ring 7/16 x .070, SB2248 Seating Plug .243 / .257, SB2268 Seating Plug .222, SB2280 Seating Plug 9mm, SB2284 Seating Plug 45 ACP, SB2285 Seating Plug 45 Colt, SB2287 Seating Plug 22 Hornet, SB2351 Seating Plug 8×57 – 338, SB2510 Seating Plug 32 ACP / S&W, SD2151 Decapper Clamp, SD2152 Lock Ring, SD2153 O-Ring 7/8 x .103, SE2024 EZ X Exp 7.62×39 (.307), SE2163 EZ X Exp 30/30, SE2169 EZ X Exp 30 Cal Med, SE2170 EZ X Exp 270 Med & WHB, SE2171 EZ X Exp 243 Med, SE2172/90022 EZ X Exp 223, SE2277 EZ X Exp 30 Cal Long, SE2775 EZ X Exp 35 Whelen

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