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Forster Full Length Bushing Die


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  • If using Forster Dies in a Forster Co-Ax press shellholders are not required since Forster presses have universal shell holder.
  • If using Forster Dies in any non-Forster press use shellholders that are recommended by the press machine
  • The sizing die is designed to resize the case neck’s outside diameter and headspace length.
  • The bushing can be adjusted (by using the die) for partial or total resizing of the case neck.
  • Dies include three bushings (the sizes are what would most commonly be needed based on Forster’s recommendationThe Bushing Full Length Sizing Die offers advanced precision by allowing you to precisely control the amount of neck sizing tension in your reloaded brass while sizing the body and bumping the shoulder.
    This die improves accuracy and prolongs case life because the case’s shoulder and body is sized down just enough to fit in a minimum-sized SAAMI rifle chamber, and bushing limits working of the neck.

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223 Rem FBK4101, 308 Win FBK4751, 6.5mm Cree FBK4271, 6.5PRC FBK4409, 6mm Cree FBK4331, 7mmPRC FBK4555

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