Lyman Turbo Tumbler 1200 Pro

Lyman Turbo Tumbler 1200 Pro


Arkansas Stone – Boxed 100mm

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Wilson Chamber Type Bullet Seater


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  • Very Accurate & Easy to Use
  • A Favourite with top Benchrest Shooters
  • Made in USA
  • Full Factory Warranty

Wilson dies are used with a simple Arbor press. Can be used anywhere there is a flat surface and can be taken to the range with you to make load adjustments on the spot.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 22.0 × 6.0 × 6.0 cm

204 Ruger (BS20-RUG), 220 RUS (BS22-RUS), 223 Rem (BS22-3RM), 243 Win (BS24-WIN), 25-06 (BS25-060), 257 Roberts (BS25-ROB), 260 Rem (BS26-REM), 270 Win (BS27-WIN), 280 Ackley Imp (BS28-ACK), 284WIN (BS-28WIN, 300 RUM (BS30-ULT), 300 Win Mag (BS30-WMG), 300 WSM (BS30-WSM), 308 Win (BS30-WIN), 338 Lapua (BS33-LAP), 6.5 PRC (BS65-PRC), 6.5mm Creedmore (BS65-CRE), 6mm BR (N0 Box) (BS6mmBR), 6mm PPC (BS60-PPC), 7mm Rem Mag (BS70-RMG), 7mm WSM (BS70-WSM), 7mm-08 (BS70-080)

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