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Lyman E-Zee Flo Univ. Powder Trickler

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V4 Auto Trickler and Auto Throw for A&D


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Available to ship end of June – email for pre-order.

Note: Recent batches have a new way of accessing units and selected grains.

FX-I / FZ-I Setting for Units:

  1. Verify that the display is off.
  2. Press and hold the ZERO & PRINT keys & press the ON/Off key. Release the PRINT & ON/OFF keys while still holding the ZERO keys. Immediately press the PRINT key twice.
  3. The software version will be displayed for approx. one second, followed by the balance type. All display segments will then turn on.
  4. While holding down [RE-ZERO], press [PRINT] key.
  5. Enter the Function setting mode and display shows “Unit”.
  6. Press the [PRINT] key. “Unit g” is displayed
  7. By pressing [SAMPLE]key, you can select required unit
  8. Press [RE-ZERO] key to store each required unit.
    The stabilization indicator appears when the displayed unit or mode is specified.
  9. Press the PRINT key to store all units selected.
  10. Turn balance off/on to return to weighing mode.

Latest Version:

Incorporates the powder tricker with the autotlrow into one unit.

  • Works with fine ball powders like CFE223 and H335
  • Works with large kernel powders like N570 and H50BMG
  • Maximum flow rate ~50 GN/s for large caliber rifle
  • Integrated electronics and motors with fixed cabling
  • Acrylic panel and silicone pads ensure assembly is stable, quiet, and level
  • All commonly replaced wear parts from previous versions no longer exist
  • Potential for performance improvements through app updates
  • Integrates with standard A&D FX or FZ 120i, 200i, 300i, or 500i


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Weight 5.0 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm

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