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Dillon BL550 Basic Loader


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  • Dillon BL 550 Basic Press
  • Upgradeable to RL550B
  • Image shows Press with Optional  Stand & Accessories

Dillon’s description of this item:
The BL 550 is essentially an RL550B without the automatic priming and powder systems. Capable of loading more than 160 calibers- just like the RL550B- it uses any manufacturers’ standard 7/8″-14 reloading dies. It’s priced comparably with other manufacturers’ turret presses; yet unlike them, it’s fully upgradeable to Dillon’s Progressive RL550B loader!
The interchangeable toolhead makes it quick, easy and inexpensive to change calibers. For example, if you load 30-06 for elk, .243 for deer and .22-250 for coyote, you don’t even have to change the shellplate. You simply pull two pins and swap the toolhead with your 30-06 dies to another toolhead with your .22-250 or .243 dies in less than 30 seconds! The additional toolheads are inexpensive- if you load for several rifles it’s a no-brainer! Once you get your dies set you’ll never have to re-set them.
A powder measure adapter is available if you want to use a manual measure that you already own. Or, if you want to weigh every powder charge you load, it’s easy- you can use a powder trickler with the powder die/ funnel assembly that comes with the BL550.


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Weight 9.0 kg
Dimensions 70.0 × 50.0 × 30.0 cm

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