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  • One of the Finest Brands of Bullets Available
  • Uncompromising Quality, Consistent Production
  • Outstanding Ballistic Qualities

Price indicated is a nominal price for Lapua projectiles. Some will be cheaper while others will cost more.  Generally packs are of 100 projectiles, but some eg Naturalis calibers and 50BMG are smaller packs. Packs with less than 100 projectiles are indicated.  Open the drop down menu below to check price, pack size and then purchase your  required projectile, then proceed to checkoput.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 16.0 × 12.0 × 10.0 cm

.224 77gr HPBT Scenar-L 4PL5016, .224 E539 55gr SP 4PL5006, .224 GB527 77gr (5.0g) Scenar 4PL5012, .224 GB544 69gr OTM Scenar-L 4PL5015, .30 (.308) GB491 155gr (10.0g) HPBT Scenar 4PL7073, .30 (.308) GB550 175gr OTM Scenar-L (4PL7061), .30 (.308) GB552 155gr OTM Scenar-L (4PL7063), .30 (7.83mm/.308) E469 150gr SP Mega 4PL7057, .30 (7.83mm/.308) GB432 185gr HPBT Scenar 4PL7071, .338 (8.61mm / .339)GB488 250gr HPBT Scenar (100pcs) 4PL8017, .338 (8.61mm /.339) 250gr FMJBT Lock Base 4PL8012, .338 (8.61mm/.339)GB528 300gr HPBT 4PL8013, .50BMG 750gr Match Coated CPL1271 (20 Bullets), 338 (8.61mm/.339) 250gr HPBT Scenar 4PL8017, 6.5mm (6.71mm/.264) GB458 139gr (9.0g) OTM Scenar 4PL6018, 6.5mm 120gr Scenar-L 4PL6021, 6.5mm GB489 123gr OTM Scenar 4PL6032, 6.5mm GB546 136gr OTM Scenar-L 4PL6019, 6mm 105gr HPBT Scenar-L 4PL6050, 6mm GB478 105gr (6.8g) Scenar 4PL6045, 7mm (7.21mm /.284") GB554 180gr OTM Scenar-L 4PL7401, 7mm N510 160gr (10.4g) Naturalis NPL7028 (50 bullets)

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